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Description of the Business

We End Violence is a social business.  This means, that while We End Violence does charge fees for its services, and does seek to make a profit, it does so in order to reinvest those profits into the business, allowing us to provide even more services.  In other words, we provide a quality service, we are paid, we reinvest those profits, and we provide more services.

Why a social business? 
While social businesses are similar to non-profits in that their primary purpose is not the accumulation of wealth or capital, social businesses provide a different type of flexibility and durability.  For example, as a social business, We End Violence does not have to invest time, energy, or money into soliciting donors, nor does the revenue that supports our services need to be replenished in a process separate from those services.   This means we can provide services as long as someone finds them useful, and we can reinvest in our services BY providing them.  Furthermore, as violence prevention & response is a social justice issue, it is constantly evolving in conjunction with cultural norms, public policy, legal statutes, University regulations, & popular culture.  This type of flux and variability requires a business model that provides a consistent revenue source based on highly flexible products & services.

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