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Working With Men

When it comes to violence prevention, working with men can be a challenge. This is not because men don't care, but rather is because most men have not been exposed to why they should care. We End Violence believes that the majority of men want to do no harm and want to play an active role in preventing violence--they simply need to be empowered and taught how to do it. This is precisely what We End Violence services and products are designed to do: involve men in violence prevention through programming that doesn't blame or criticize them, but instead motivates them and demonstrates how they can lead our culture away from violence.

As a man, We End Violence director Jeff Bucholtz has lived this transformation, which makes his already stimluating lectures and performances all the more effective for male audiences. Over the past decade, Jeff has successfully worked with men from all walks of life--men in the military, male athletes, junior high and high school students, fraternities, fathers, and offenders. Jeff is able to address the impacts of masculinity and gender on men's and women's lives through fascinating examinations of popular culture, socialization, and his own life experiences. 

Jeff's work with men has spanned academics, educational settings, performance and activism. Jeff has coordinated student groups like Men Against Rape, taught masculinity in classrooms, and worked as a Male Violence Prevention Specialist for the UC Santa Barbara Women's Center. In addtion, for the past four years, Jeff has served as co-chair of the San Diego Men's Leadership Forum (part of the San Diego Domestic Violence Coucil), a group that focuses on engaging men from all walks of life (in particular male community leaders) in the process of preventing and recovering from violence.

If you're looking for some of our programming specifically designed to discuss men & masculinity, be sure to check out our lectures:

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