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What Makes Us Unique

Preventing and responding to violence, violation, and discrimination is no easy task, but we’re more than up to the challenge.  With over forty years of combined experience, we provide an unparalleled level of expertise, creativity and talent.

The analysis developed over the past 50 years of feminist anti-violence work provides us with the foundation for our approach. We address the fundamental causes of violence, focusing on the cultural attitudes and behaviors that allow violence, violation and discrimination to flourish. 

Our services address painful issues like sexual assault, bullying, sexual harassment and relationship violence in a format that is easily accessible to different audiences and action/solution oriented.

We End Violence derives its name from the belief that, in order to prevent violence, WE, as a community, must take action.  There is no one person or strategy that can prevent violence on their own, which is why our business focuses on the creation and maintenance of alliances, in particular alliances between privileged and oppressed social groups.  We believe that working together across our differences is not only possible, but productive, enjoyable, and necessary.

It is important to know that while We End Violence does not believe that men are the sole cause or source of violence, we do believe that any real hope for bringing an end to violence must start with a challenge to men and masculinity.  For this reason, We End Violence provides many different programs and resources that focus on engaging men and boys to meet that challenge, and to help masculinity evolve into a force that prevents and heals, rather than encourages violence.

However, in the end, this challenge to men extends to everyone—because there can be no end to violence until every person accepts their responsibility to end it.  Only together can we end violence.

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